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.FOOT PatcH.

sure ramai tau berapa bagus nye Foot Patch ni...
Sure ramai pnh cube.. n ia sgt berkesan utk mengurgkan toksin dlm bdn kite nie...

yerla.. kite mkn duk mcm2 kan..(sy mmg suke mkn)..
so.. ni slh satu cr buang toksik dlm bdn time td0!!!
snang kan??

kalo diamalkan..insyaALLAH lebh berkesan..bdn akan jadi lbh ringan...=)

** minimum pembelian 14 pc yer..(ni pakai seminggu tau!) **

Price :
1-20pc : RM1.80/pc
21-50pc : Rm1.50/pc
51-100 - RM1.20/PC
101 keatas : Rm1.00/pc :)

j0m kurg kan toksik dlm bdn kite!!l
leh kurgkan bert bdn jgk tau!!!
sure best kan???? <3<3<3

【Product Dosage】:

Recommends a minimum purchase of 60, so that two legs can be used 30 times (one course)! Persist in using the full 3 months. Advice that we can long-term use, recommend two courses of continuous use;

【Applicable to the crowd】:

1. Beauty thin crowd;

2. Constipation, bad breath, body odor, foot odor;

3. Sub-health status groups;

4. Computer workers, work pressure, long-term population by radiation;

5. Prolonged standing, walking by;

6. Neck, shoulder, waist, leg pain, swelling the crowd;

7. Feet, legs fatigued.

【Product efficacy】:

1. Detoxification beauty, clear body of beauty, liposuction, the promotion of new
Metabolism, enhance immune function;

2. Promote sleep, relieve fatigue, improve constipation, bad breath and abdominal distension phenomenon, slim shape;

3. Rid of impurities, purify the blood, improve pigmentation, acne, body odor, foot odor;

4. Get rid of body moisture, foot or quickly reduce the pressure on joints pain, arthritis, rheumatism troubles;

5. Activation of cells, reproduce healthy skin, shiny state, anti-aging;

6. Balance the human organ function, blood fat, blood pressure, reduce blood sugar.


The patches during the day and night use, but highly recommended in the evening. Because people slept in the level of the body, keeping the foot attached to the foot detox at least 8 to 12 hours, the lymphatic system would be easier to cycle. Very simple to use, as in the soles of the feet of a large Band-Aid.

Since each person's physique is different, the effect of detoxification are not the same, and some people very fast onset, only a few weeks you can feel the health situation is significantly improved; while others may take longer to feel the row of drug on the body caused by change for the better. But do not doubt that the body of toxins from the body, your health will certainly play a great role in promoting.


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